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Clean Yet Clinical

Effective Yet Elegant

Meet the Anti-Aging Essentials

\ tet-ə-'tet \

A private conversation between two people

In our case, a mother and daughter. One, an expert in cellular health. The other, a clean skincare fanatic. The result: anti-inflammatory essentials that target skin aging at the source.

Anti-Inflammatory is the New Anti-Aging

Active-C HydraSerum

Created with a triple dose of high performance vitamin C, this super-charged serum brightens, hydrates, and protects in a single step.

PhytoPeel Resurfacing Mask + PhytoTrilogy Booster

The anti-aging booster soothes and illuminates with a blend of highly concentrated anti-inflammatory extracts.

HydraRepair Rich Cream

Enriched with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and essential fatty acids, this nourishing anti-aging cream neutralizes free radicals, replenishes moisture, and boosts skin radiance.

Better Together. Just Like Us.

Meet the Routine

Plants, like people, are more effective when united together. Our synergistic formulas magnify their benefits when used together to target inflammation & premature aging.

What Our Followers Have to Say

Context: 41 year old mom who lives in the midwest. My skin was chronically red and irritated. The soothing formula in Active-C HydraSerum penetrated through my dry skin and calmed it from within. Thank you for saving my skin!

Sharon N.

As someone with dry skin and acne scarring, my complexion often appears dull and uneven. The PhytoPeel Resurfacing Mask and PhytoTrilogy Booster wakes up my skin, giving me a brightened, fresh face.


My daily skincare routine was becoming a chore and my skin was no longer receptive to my products. After using the full product set regularly, my skin is rejuvenated and looks plump and dewy.

J. White

Clean. Luxurious. Responsible


CELEB-WORTHY SWAG: ALL THE LOOT WE’RE TOTALLY OBSESSING OVER RIGHT NOW! - "Talk about a routine upgrade. Tête-À-Tête specializes in safe yet effective skincare that targets signs of aging caused by inflammation and oxidative stress."

EDITOR’S PICK BEST SKIN CARE: TÊTE-À-TÊTE PHYTOPEEL RESURFACING MASK - "If you aren’t as keen on acids as I am, this one is for you — but if you are an acid fan, it packs enough punch for you, too.” — Dawn Davis, Executive Beauty Director, Vox Media

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2022: THE BEST SKINCARE, SELF-CARE, AND WELLNESS KITS FOR TRAVEL - "Tête-À-Tête has a simple goal: to offer safe and straight-foward skincare that works on women of all ages and backgrounds."

THE BEST GENDERLESS SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: "Among the best products for all skin types is the Hydra-Repair Rich Cream. Every Tête-À-Tête product is promised to promote cellular health in skin while targeting and preventing multiple signs of aging caused by inflammation and oxidative stress."